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Barbie decal barbie halloween diy sticker barbie costume womens diy

Barbie decal barbie halloween diy sticker barbie costume womens diy

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Vinyl Color

Introducing our Exclusive Barbie Box Decal Sticker: Unleash Your Inner Doll this Halloween!

Step into a world of imagination with our Barbie Decal Sticker – the ultimate accessory to transform yourself into the iconic Barbie doll this Halloween! Dive into the magic of childhood, reliving the thrill of unboxing a brand-new Barbie. With this high-quality, easy-to-apply sticker, you're not just getting a costume; you're getting a ticket to nostalgia and creativity.

Key Features:

-Realism Redefined: Crafted with precision, our Barbie Decal Sticker boasts stunning attention to detail. From the classic look to the vibrant packaging graphics, every element is designed to mirror the authentic experience.

-Easy Application: No need to fuss with complicated setups. Simply peel and stick! Our decal sticker adheres seamlessly to any smooth surface. *Must be a clean and smooth surface this is NOT intended for clothing****

How to Use:

Clean/Prepare: Must be a clean surface. Clean and prepare your surface to insure good application.

Peel: Carefully peel the sticker from its backing, ensuring all intricate details come off smoothly.

Stick: (You will need a credit card something that doesn't bend as easily to apply): Using your card, rub gently over the masking tape of the sticker where the letters appear and use a little force to press the decal onto the surface so it adheres properly. Once you have gone over the top layer with a card a few times with decent pressure, carefully, start at the top edge and start to peel the masking paper back. Very slowly as you're peeling the masking paper back, keep a close eye on the decal to make sure it's properly stuck to the surface you are installing it onto. If any vinyl is stuck the tape when you peel the masking tape off it will cause damage. So going slowly is definitely the best way to insure that doesn't happen! :) After all of the masking tape is off I like to take my fingers and just press the vinyl to the surface one last time. Wa-la! It's going to be a masterpiece!

Transform: Instantly transform into a living Barbie doll, ready to steal the show at any Halloween party, cosplay event, or themed gathering!

Unleash your creativity, relive the magic of Barbie, and become the life of the party with our Barbie Decal Sticker. Limited stock available, so grab yours now and make this Halloween a truly unforgettable experience!

Note: Sticker intended for one-time use.

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